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Greeting from the Master of the Order

Following the living tradition of the great humanist spirits of European history, whose life's work always transcended borders and was never regional, but always European, internationally orientated, the aim of the work of the Order of St. Heinrich is to support, establish and promote initiatives that are committed to sustainable development for Saxony, Germany and Europe and that critically question current events.

Excellent behaviour, the development of an individual personality and moral courage have been virtues from time immemorial. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, intolerance and marginalisation, as well as economic exclusion and individual intemperance, are becoming new virtues.

The willingness to humility, renunciation, service to the community and the commitment to Christian roots build a bridge to proven Western values. The Order of St Henry stands in this sequence both through its patron saint, Emperor Henry II, and through the noble standards lived by its members.

We are therefore always open to suggestions, a lively and constructive exchange of ideas, project ideas and initiatives.


Alexander Margrave of Meissen Duke of Saxony