Order of St Henry

Grimma - Colditz Castle, September 2015

The Order has commissioned a portrait of Duke Albrecht the Brave. The painting was executed by the young artist Martin Schädlich and was ceremoniously handed over to the Minister of Justice of the Free State of Bavaria, Martin Gemkow, and the Director of the Local Court, Katja Kohlschmid, and placed at its final destination in the court building.
An ecumenical ceremony was then held in the Frauenkirche in Grimma, at which the St. Henry's Needle was awarded to Professor Dietger Niederwieser and Dr Alan Russell from England, founders of the Dresden Trust, by Prince Alexander. The British recipient of the pin campaigned for peace and reconciliation between the former adversaries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His personal aim was to promote this goal in Great Britain. The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden was to take centre stage as a symbol. Dr Russell and his foundation raised a large sum of money to have the new tower cross made in England and donated to the church as the crowning glory of the reconstruction.

A ceremony was held at Colditz Castle to commemorate the history of the castle and the Allied officers who were interned there during the Second World War. The speaker was Major General Sir Sebastian L. Roberts of the Irish Guard, the personal bodyguard of Her Majesty the Queen of England. He spoke about the almost athletic endeavours of the imprisoned officers to attempt and in some cases achieve escape from the castle. Imaginative ideas were tried out to circumvent the strict guard and escape to freedom. He emphasised the good treatment that the officers received from the Germans.